I can’t help it, I travel and out comes the recording device…I just have to capture the world.

Over 20 years ago with hardly any money to my name, I borrowed a stupid amount of cash to buy a new device, one of the first to arrive in Australia.

It was called a “digital video camera.”

Once I saw what it could do in providing broadcast quality footage, that was it. I didn’t need a crew, I could go it alone. And I pretty much still am two decades later. It’s a wonderful way to work, enabling me to capture intimate interviews and explore the world unencumbered by others.

In the last 18 years, I have travelled to many countries, recording and making unique films for Australian TV and the web, as well as writing articles and producing stories for ABC radio and ABC online.

I’m always working on parallel projects – my own films and commissioned work for government and other organisations. These days there are mortgages and children to feed. But I haven’t given up what I love doing. Somehow it is still working.

Along with the interest in travel, I am always keen to capture culture, society, agriculture and fisheries, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander health & community, environmental issues and disability.

And I’m always looking for that next interesting story…..