The secrets of Okinawa are coming to Australia!

I shot the above film in Okinawa in 2016, while visiting to make some radio and online stories for the ABC.

Okinawa is part of Japan…..or is it?

Officially it is, but I get the feeling the Okinawans quite like to be considered as “Okinawans” before being quickly catagorised as “Japanese”. The lifestyle of Okinawa is like that of a different country when compared to living in Tokyo, Osaka or other busy parts of Japan. And much of their culture derives from their days as the independent Ryukyu Kingdom.

Okinawan people are known for their long lives due to their diet, activity and outlook.

Life, by Okinawa ( is an “activation” campaign that seeks to reveal some of the secrets of this longevity. It was launched December 2016 and is now coming to Australia. This February the people of Sydney can enjoy a glimpse into this campaign and perhaps even take home some of the Okinawan philosophies to enhance their own lives.

The activation venue will feature an authentic Okinawan art gallery, garden space – a place to sit and relax away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney life, opportunities to sample Okinawan tea, free Okinawan Karate workshops with a Karate Master from Okinawa (where karate originated).

Having got the “O” bug myself, I’m keen to promote interest in Okinawa where possible within Australia, so hope to see plenty of people at the activation!

Location: 46-48 Kensington St, Chippendale, Feb 3rd ~ Feb 7th, 11:00am~8pm

Richard Snashall

(Video editing with thanks to Adrian Muscat & Tina Costessi)


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